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Above the Surface
This pain
Its never gone for long
Always just under the surface
Waiting for just one moment
One weak moment
When it will be strong
Strong enough to fight
To fight above the surface
And take over everything
All the joy and happiness sinks
Pain rules this shell now
The good things all hidden
So deep inside
So I cant find them
No matter how hard I search
The pain will forever
Stay above the surface
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 0 0
Memory's Prey
As I shut myself away
The pain and memories will forever stay
Trapped here with me
I’ll never be free
The memories haunt my dreams
Giving them horrific themes
Reliving them is the worst thing
Making all the old wounds sting
The wounds will never completely go away
Keeping me the memory's prey
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 0 0
My dreams are dark, disturbed, and painful
I should call them nightmares
He haunts my nightmares
He is the worst thing that exists
He hurts me and it never stops
He never goes away
No matter how much i want him to
I tried so hard to escape
I cant hes too strong
He wont ever let go
The nightmare never seems to end
I just want it to fade away
I cant wake up from this terrible dream
I beg and plead for him to stop
He only laughs at my cries
The pain goes on forever
All i can do is cry
And finally it ends
But he always comes back for more
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 1 0
I use to be an angel so happy and free
Til the demon i loved broke me
Fallen to the ground
Still broken but not bound
Bound to the demon no more
I the angel shall settle the score
I will never forget
I shall always regret
That time when he was mine
And i forever lost my shine
He ruined my angelic soul
With all the lies he told
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 2 0
My Mind
No one knows my mind
And the horrors that reside
In that messed up place
With so little space
For the good things to stay
The bad things always get their way
They take over every bit of light
Til all that can be is night
In the night the bad things rule
They can be so cruel
The horrors that reside
In this messed up place called my mind
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 1 0
The Chills of Heartache
Drowning in my head
While im laying in my bed
So many thoughts of you
You have no clue
How cold I get
You’ll never understand I bet
These chills
While the heart ache kills
All the happiness I had
The good replaced by bad
The chills make my body shake
My hearts going through an earthquake
Causing damage I cant repair
While I breath in this icy air
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 0 0
Addicted to him
It's not something that's good
It's painful
Sometimes scary
He breaks things
Including my heart, mind, and soul
Then he leaves me there
Battered and bruised
Alone and wishing
Wishing it wasn't like this
Wishing I wasn't addicted
:iconnovakillz:NovaKillz 2 0
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Hi my name is Krista. Im super shy so I usually dont talk to people first. But message me if you want and I will reply! Animals, poetry, and crafts are my life!


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